Sunday, January 9, 2011

my christmas present . . .

My husband actually having some time off to do projects!! My passion right now is getting my home all put together. I love it! I have so many things i want to do just never have the time. So I made my workaholic self take a few days off over the break and we got a lot done.

This was Erik's dresser he used before we got married and it is still really nice but the cherry wood just didnt match and instead of spending lots of money to buy a new dresser we decided to refinish it. I am glad Erik helped me cause it was a lot of work. Plus he is such a hard worker and if he starts something he has to finish it asap. He kept dragging me down to the basement to get it done. I love that about him!

Yeah! the first thing we've painted in our house, I love color, I think it adds so much!

Here is is all finished, I think it turned out really great!

So. . . my other bed that I refinished just wasn't cutting it! It was to squeaky and Erik couldn't fix it so we decided to just buy a new one and why not upgrade to a king? So we went and laid on a million mattresses and looked at a ton of different bed frames. I didn't find another white one I liked so we bought this dark brown sleigh bed and I actually really love it with the white night stands. We love our new mattress too way comfy!

This pic is just from my phone but I think it is a little more true to color


MEREDITH said...

Looks so good! I need to come see!

Dan and Rach said...

I love it. You both did a great job.

Sarah Hunt said...

ANNNNN! Your bedroom is amazing! I miss you!